Drawers, furniture, shelves: all reduced to boxes. Fridge, stove, bed, mattress. We decided we don’t need any of this, no keys, no door, no wall, at least on the terms of a house which is ours, for a year. It isn’t a decision to be taken overnight. It is chewed upon, reviewed, thought over and over… In our case, it was like this since we left Brazil for the first time in 2010, in a dream trip throughout Bolivia, Peru and Chile. Around there we met long term travelers. If they can why can’t we? We have plenty of doubts, but let’s go. We don’t expect this blog to tell more personal experiences than curiosities and preciosities of the places and people we’ll pass through and meet along the way.

Nossa antiga casa, em fase de desmanche

Decision taken, we start to deal with it in different ways. On one side, deep involvement, with trip research and objective details. On the other, a long time wasted thinking over why to go, searching for an answer crying over the shoulder of several friends or in deep bar analysis. These are just different ways to face the fears and pains of transforming the past life, the family, friends, and even work into nostalgic feelings. Also, Also, it’s a way to open up the heart and the head for the experience to come.

This blog turns itself then into a way of leaving traces behind, exercise the written word and look, share knowledge: of the places which we go through and also on how to travel cheap and well.

We expect company in our trip!

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