See the world and see it all again. Discover smells, seasons e tastes. Face new ways up and down, flying, on foot or just in our own heads. Learn to organize ourselves more and more, gain experience with logistics, accounting, psychology, photography… Conquer new friends with languages we don’t speak, reach the peak of some mountain, visit the bottom of other seas and see the world with our own eyes, instead of through the TV. This is our choice here on.

The trips we had already made together through Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and all over Brazil were added on to our Round the World trip and these adventures turned into posts and thousands of pics that can be seen around here at Café dos Viajantes. Next you’ll be able to know a bit more about us:


avatarlili Lívia Duarte / Born in Petrópolis, got a sister and family from Minas Gerais on both sides of the numerous family. Here’s why my favourite dish is chicken with quiabo. Started traveling seriously at adult age, but truth is that any trip, even just to my grandma’s house always delighted me. Nothing like mountains on the move through the windows. If it’s possible to listen some stories or have a book around even better.

I’m journalist and it’s been years since this became the first definition of me. I’m fan of the possibilities of radio, who knows maybe the trip teaches me something about photography, but for long I desire to bond with the written word once more. I wanna see the world with my own eyes. And may they be ready to learn.

Currently living in Brasília, at Brasil, from where she writes the stories of our trips and makes the backpack run around every corner which, after 30 countries visited, we hadn’t been before, even being in our own country.


Enrico LuziBorn in Petrópolis and raised with theavatarpb motivation of running away from bad grades to be able to spend a month traveling to the beach. Thought about where to go the
following year by eating away a world map, where I was able to identify even Nepal’s flag, but had no idea how far it was… If there was already Internet for sure I’d find a cheap flight somewhere…

Graduated engineer, amateur sportsman, cinema addict… Daring to create time for the activities I liked led to a less orthodox decision. Flying away may seem to escape the problems, but if it’s quality time, it might be a way of finding out other ways of solving them.

Currently living in Padova, Italy, from where he runs the machinery of the blog, makes some pictures on an european instagram tour at @eluzi and pretends he speaks italian, while mixing it all up with spanish and portuguese.


On the way, we’ll give ourselves the chance to stop, sit – a luxury these days -, have a cup of coffee with no rush, and write something here.

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